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"New setting for kitchen history still to come" - with that motto, ALNO AG presented new kitchen ideas to the trade in the completely refurbished showroom in Hiddenhausen.  

Numerous visitors came to the DESIGN-TOUR exhibition 2013 and let themselves be inspired by the variety of ideas presented. The communicative framework, interesting discussions and lively exchange of experiences made for a relaxed atmosphere in ALNO AG´s showroom.

Product development, marketing and sales spent months planning and preparing the concept for DESIGN-TOUR 2013. Not only the individual kitchens in the showroom were extensively rearranged - the complete brand image was also revised. The campaign motifs published to date blend with the architecture of the showroom to make the advertising motifs a 3-dimensional experience. The exhibition area´s concrete-like aura creates the typical mood of an unfinished building - the stage for a kitchen.

In addition to the revamped showroom, ALNO is also presenting a design study for future presentation of the brand at the POS: the new generation of ALNO Shops which will soon also be found in the trade.

More than 70 ALNO, Wellmann, Impuls and Pino brand kitchens are being presented over an exhibition area of roughly 3,500 qm - in every possible equipment version and adaptable to the individual needs at home.

With its four brands, ALNO AG consequently offers all manner of competence: glass, genuine wood, ceramic, lacquer, the latest trend decors, different deluxe solutions for cooking, as well as layouts with optimum "value for money".

The showroom in the north is also open to consumers. Innovations and modern design wait to be discovered and experienced.